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picture of the popular small dogs breed the pug

Small Dogs Website

Small dogs breeds website including facts and information on all the popular breeds also known as companion or small lap dogs. There are many different types of small dogs available and the category or group varies depending on size and weight. The very small breeds are in the toy group while others are usually in the terrier or utility category. The many wonderful small dogs breeds available in the toy category are often called small lap dogs. They make great pets for any age, young or old and are very friendly and offer wonderful companionship to their owner.


The information on small dogs breeds includes group, size, weight, height, behaviour and temperament. Also if the dog is suitable for very young children or the elderly and if they are friendly and make great companions. If you are looking for a dog and interested in one of the small dogs breeds as a pet there are many specialist breeders around the country. If you would like to adopt one of the small dogs instead, try the pet rescue centres and the animal shelters. The RSPCA can offer help and advice about giving a dog a new home.